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Revocation of an Award Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) One of QUT’s core functions under the Queensland University of Technology Act 1998 is the conferral of higher education awards.  The University is therefore responsible for certifying to the professions and to the wider community that the academic awards it has conferred on a graduate are authentic and verified and accurately represent student achievement.  Revocation of an award may be necessary to ensure that community confidence in the integrity of the awards conferred by QUT is maintained.

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Section 2 - Application

(2) QUT may revoke an academic award in the following circumstances:

  1. where student misconduct has been substantiated in accordance with the Management of Student Misconduct Policy, and the penalty imposed results in the graduate no longer meeting the requirements for the conferred award;
  2. where an administrative error has occurred, and the graduate has not met the requirements of the conferred award; and
  3. in other exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar, in consultation with the Director, Student Administration, the Director, Curriculum Quality and Academic Integrity, the Chair of University Academic Board and the graduate.

(3) This Policy applies to all academic awards that have been conferred by QUT regardless of when conferred.

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Section 3 - Roles and Responsibilities

University Academic Board
Confers and revokes awards (excludes honorary awards).
Chair of University Academic Board
Reports the revoking of an award to University Academic Board.
Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar
Initiates a ‘show cause’ process where revocation of an academic award is under consideration due to substantiated misconduct.
Director, Student Administration
Identifies cases and implements decisions made under this Policy.
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Section 4 - Revoking an Award because of Student Misconduct

Timing of Decision to Revoke

(4) The process for determining whether to revoke an award, in circumstances where a penalty imposed under Section 8 of the Management of Student Misconduct Policy, for substantiated misconduct has the effect that a graduate no longer meets all requirements for an academic award, will not commence until all appeal rights internal to the University have been exhausted. 

Show Cause Notice

(5) The Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar must issue a notice requiring the graduate to ‘show cause’ why the degree should not be revoked. The Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar must use all reasonable endeavours to make contact with the graduate for the purposes of issuing this notice, and the notice may be issued by email or some other form of online communication, if this is the only means by which the graduate can be contacted.

(6) The ‘show cause’ notice must state full details of the circumstances resulting in the ineligibility for the award and must provide the graduate with a minimum period of 20 business days in which to make submissions justifying why the award should not be revoked.

Decision on Revocation of an Award

(7) Any submissions made by the graduate will be provided to the Chair of University Academic Board, for review, who must consider all circumstances relevant to the case, including the time which has elapsed since the award was conferred, the available evidence and findings in regard to misconduct, the extent to which award requirements have not been met due to the penalty imposed, and any other relevant matters. 

(8) Reasons must be provided for the decision to revoke the award, including the date on which the revocation takes effect. If the Chair of University Academic Board, decides to revoke the award, this may be permanent or the revocation may apply only until such time as certain conditions are met. These conditions can include completing a unit or units of study to enable award requirements to be met under current course structures.

(9) Where appropriate to the nature of the award course, a decision may be made to revoke an award, with agreement that the person receives a lower level award.

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Section 5 - Revoking an Award due to Administrative Error or other Exceptional Circumstances

(10) Where an award has been conferred due to administrative error on the part of the University, the award will be revoked by notice from the Chair of University Academic Board.  In this case, the Faculty responsible for the award course will provide all reasonable assistance to the person concerned to complete the award in a timely fashion.

(11) Where it has been determined that other exceptional circumstances may apply, the graduate will be consulted about those circumstances and provided with an opportunity to respond, before any action is taken.

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Section 6 - Implementing the Decision to Revoke an Award

(12) The following steps must be undertaken by the Director, Student Administration, to implement a decision to revoke an award:

  1. the public register of graduates is amended;
  2. the testamur is canceled together with any other record (including official transcript of results) relating to that award, and the return of these documents is secured;
  3. student information system records are updated to show the student has not successfully completed course requirements; and
  4. professional registration bodies or associations are notified that the award has been revoked.

(13) Where a person declines to return the award documentation to QUT, or continues to make reference to holding the award, the University may publish on the QUT website or other appropriate place, a notice that the award has been revoked.

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Section 7 - Delegations

(14) Refer to Register of Authorities and Delegations (C135) (QUT staff access only)