Bulletin Board

MOPP Bulletin Board

The MOPP Bulletin Board displays:

“Recent Approvals” – Policies and procedures that have recently been approved and/or came into effect in the last two months.

“Draft Documents for Comment” – Policies and procedures that are currently open for consultation/comment.

Recent Approvals

The following policies have been approved recently and are now effective.

Document Title Status Effective Date
Council Procedure 6 - Nomination of prospective Council members Current 24th July 2024
Class Scheduling - Staff Protocol Current 16th July 2024
Class Scheduling Policy Current 15th July 2024
Industrial and Legislative Environment for Human Resources Policy Current 11th July 2024
Academic Integrity Policy Current 2nd July 2024
Health, Safety and Environment Policy Current 1st July 2024
Children on Campus Policy Current 28th June 2024
Council Procedure 3 - Election of Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor Current 24th June 2024
Fees and Charges - Students Policy Current 5th June 2024
Complaints Framework for Staff Policy Current 31st May 2024
Student Transitions and First Year Experience Policy Current 29th May 2024
Evaluation of Courses, Units, Teaching and Student Experience Policy Current 29th May 2024
Remuneration for Senior Staff Policy Current 24th May 2024


Draft Documents for Comment

The following draft policies are available for comment and feedback.

A   symbol indicates that a document is under development and is only available to select stakeholders using the password issued by the author. If you would like to provide feedback on a limited access draft document please contact mopp@qut.edu.au.

Feedback and comment on existing documents may be provided at any time directly to the Policy Owner shown on the Status and Details tab at the top of each document.

Document Title Date Due for Comment Document Author
Academic Award Documents Policy (Version 2 Draft 1)
30th July 2024 Cindy Meyers