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Fees and Charges - Students Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This Policy outlines the obligations of students to pay fees and charges associated with enrolment and study at QUT. Fees and charges may vary for different categories of students and different administrative arrangements for payment may apply.

(2) Student fees and charges are subject to annual review.

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Section 2 - Application

(3) This Policy applies to fees and charges imposed in accordance with the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth) (HESA) and the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Cth) (ESOS). 

(4) Fees and charges are administered by QUT in accordance with the Higher Education Administrative Information for Providers published by the Department of Education and Training.

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Section 3 - Roles and Responsibilities

Vice-Chancellor and President
Approves student contribution amounts, Tuition Fees (all categories), and Student Services and Amenities Fee amounts (SSAF).
Approves student user charges/incidental fees set in accordance with the processes set out in the User Charging Policy and the Student User Charging Policy.
Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar
Approves cancellation charges and Administrative Charges relating to student services.
Sets key dates (including census date) and/or time limits in each teaching period for payment of student fees and charges and submission of commonwealth assistance forms.
Approves exemption from payment of student fees for a student.
Approves procedures relating to reimbursement of expenses for student excursions.
Vice-President (Finance) and Chief Financial Officer
Undertakes an annual review of student user charges proposed by faculties and divisions in accordance with the Student User Charging Policy.
Director, Student Administration
Develops procedures/guidelines for administration of student fees and charges.
Approves deferral of payment of student fees for a student for a specified time during a teaching period.
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Section 4 - Obligation of Students to Pay Fees and Charges

(5) QUT publishes a schedule of student fees and charges. Fees payable will be levied each teaching period, and tuition fees are based on the student's enrolment in that teaching period.

(6) A student must pay all prescribed fees, administrative charges and student contribution amounts by the due date. A student's obligation to pay may be fulfilled by an upfront payment, a Commonwealth Government loan (where eligible), or an approved scholarship or sponsorship arrangement where the fees and charges are paid on the student's behalf.

(7) International students are required to pay the deposit amount stipulated in their letter of offer as a condition of their acceptance. The deposit amount is a prepayment which is allocated to tuition fees when they are invoiced.

(8) A student (or a person applying for admission to a QUT course) must pay any administrative charge specified for taking a particular action or requesting a service. If the administrative charge is not paid, no action will be taken nor service provided by the University. 

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Section 5 - Cancellation Fees and Refunds

(9) The University may retain a proportion or all of the student’s tuition fees when a student cancels enrolment or withdraws from unit/s. Different charges may apply for different categories of students and different administrative provisions may apply for students who withdraw from units or interrupt their studies, request debt remission or payment refund (QUT staff and student access only).

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Section 6 - Consequences of Non-Payment

(10) Consequences for non-payment of fees and contribution amounts may include one or all of the following:

  1. the imposition of additional fees or administrative charges;
  2. the imposition of sanctions or encumbrances restricting student access to services;
  3. cancellation of enrolment;
  4. graduation refusal.

(11) These may be applied immediately or applied in a staged manner, depending on the type of fee and amount owing.

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Section 7 - Exemption or Deferral of Fee Payments

(12) Consideration may be given to deferral of payment (through a QUT payment plan) or exemption from payment in whole or in part, in the following exceptional circumstances: 

  1. humanitarian initiative;
  2. addressing the effect of natural disaster, terrorism or pandemic;
  3. loss of fees sponsor under exceptional circumstance;
  4. impeded progress due to personal, medical or other special circumstances beyond the student's control;
  5. unanticipated change in personal circumstances resulting in lack of sufficient income and/or capital or otherwise indebtedness to an extent that a continuing student has no reasonable means available to pay fees.
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Section 8 - Higher Degree Research Candidates

(13) Except as specified in the Higher degree research tuition fee procedures, domestic higher degree research candidates do not pay tuition fees or student contribution amounts. Tuition fees apply to international students.

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Section 9 - Other Course Costs and Incidental Fees

(14) The University publishes information on additional course costs not covered by student fees imposed by the University. 

(15) For some items required for study, the University may charge a student an incidental fee for a good or service related to their course, where this is consistent with the Student User Charging Policy.

(16) The University may reimburse costs for compulsory excursions in certain circumstances as outlined in reimbursement of expenses relating to student excursions procedures.

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Section 10 - Definitions

Term Definitions
Administrative Charges Are charges levied for administration of a student service which is not regarded as part of the usual service provided for all students (examples include late lodgement fees, replacement of student cards fees, fees for review of grade).
Incidental Fees Means fees or charges imposed by the University for goods or services where the item is not essential to the course, or if essential, alternative providers or forms of access are available. QUT also refers to these as student user charges.


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Section 11 - Delegations

(17) Refer to Register of Authorities and Delegations (VC182, VC183, VC184, VC185, VC186, VC187) (QUT staff access only).