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Advertising Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) QUT aims to be known as the university for the real world and will advertise its teaching, research and services in appropriate media to promote, protect and enhance its standing.

(2) QUT’s advertising publications will comply with all relevant legislation including competition and consumer law, employment law and laws related to the provision of international student services.

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Section 2 - Application

(3) This policy applies to all advertising supporting QUT operations, advertising carrying the QUT logo or advertising published on a QUT advertising publication or platform, whether supporting QUT or a third party.

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Section 3 - Roles and Responsibilities

Position Responsibility
Executive Director, Marketing and Communication
Approves standards and procedures relating to corporate advertising.
Appoints advertising agencies to provide professional advice and creative services for corporate branding campaigns and other key projects.
Approves all advertisements prior to submission.
Approves in advance the formats for staff recruitment advertising.
Approves exceptions to this Policy.
Vice-President (People) and Chief People Officer
Coordinates all staff recruitment advertising, including the approval of procedures relating to staff recruitment advertising.
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Section 4 - Advertising

(4) QUT corporate advertising, including third party advertisements and external party advertisers, will be approved in advance and will comply with procedures and standards approved by the Executive Director, Marketing and Communication.

(5) No area of the University may engage an advertising agency for any purpose, or purchase advertising marketing software or subscription, without the prior written approval of the Executive Director, Marketing and Communication.

(6) Further information for booking advertisements is available on the advertising webpage in the Digital Workplace (QUT staff access only).

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Section 5 - Definitions

Term Definition
External Party Advertising Means paid advertising containing an external advertiser's message or logo.
Third Party Advertisements Means advertisements published and/or paid for by third parties that carry the QUT logo.
QUT Corporate Advertising Means all paid promotion of QUT in any media (print, broadcast, on-line - including search engine marketing and content marketing initiatives), excluding staff recruitment advertising.
QUT Advertising Publications Means all print and online publications identified as being authored by QUT.
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Section 6 - Delegations

(7) Refer to Register of Authorities and Delegations (VC201) (QUT staff access only).